Friday, March 27, 2015

Random Five on Friday March 26th

1. I think we've skipped right over Spring and hit Summer. I still think it's far too cold to get in the pool, but two of my brave kids had their inaugural swim yesterday afternoon.

2. I just finished the latest baby blanket. For some reason I keep picking striped patterns to crochet. I forget how much I dislike weaving in all the loose ends that stripes create. (I wish I could share a picture, but it's a big surprise.)

3. According to HomeSchool Office, we are 78% of the way done with our school year.

4. Recently, we put our entire iTunes library (including a bunch of songs imported from CDs) on an old iPod. I set it to shuffle and put it in my car. There's just no telling what sort of song is going to come up next. I had to quickly turn down the volume when I went through the gate at the base last week. I didn't want the security forces to laugh at us listening to "Survivor" as sung by the Chipettes.

5. Last Sunday morning I completed my third half-marathon. For anyone that's keeping score, the tally now stands at Cristi -- 4, Diabetes -- 0.

If you'd like to join the Random 5 on Friday fun, you can either click on the cute birdhouse button below or visit The Pebble Pond.

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