Friday, November 21, 2014

Random Five on Friday November 21st

I've had quite a productive week so I hope you'll forgive me for bragging a little bit with this week's random five post.

1. Last weekend, I bought a bunch of produce (20 lbs of apples and 18 lbs of cranberries) and decided  that I should learn how to can. I have pretty jars of homemade cranberry sauce lined up in my kitchen now.

2. I raced along with Lauren while she was riding her bike Wednesday morning and managed to sprint for a mile at a pace nearly two minutes per mile faster than my usual pace.

3. On Thursday night, a bunch of the ladies from church went to a Zumba class. I kept thinking of the line in Mandisa's Good Morning song: "You do the Zumba but I do not." It was a whole lot of fun, but I'm a bit sore today.

4. I've been working on a baby blanket for Lauren to give to her physical therapist. It's over halfway done, and I realized that I might want a second skein of one of the yarn colors. It must've been my lucky day because I was even able to match the dye lot when I went to Hobby Lobby for more.

5. Our other big blanket project was done primarily at church last weekend. We gathered and made about 20 blankets to give to our adopted school children, and many of us took fabric home with us to make more. I managed to get the fringe for one cut this afternoon and Lauren tied all the knots. Only one more to go.

6. I just have to share a bonus picture. My dad came to visit me a week ago. Isn't he awesome?

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