Thursday, July 17, 2014

L is for Ladybug

For years we've called Lauren our ladybug, but I don't know that I've ever shared the story of how she came to have that nickname.

Years ago, I was part of several email message groups that discussed food allergies, homeschool programs, and other various mom topics. At the end of each message, I added my name and the name of the kids.

When we found out that I was pregnant, I changed my signature so that it read:
Cristi, mom to Addison (7), Brennan (4), and a stowaway due March 2006
She was first called a stowaway because I had gone on a lengthy road-trip without knowing that I was pregnant.

Fast forward a few months, and we found out that I was carrying a little girl. On the way home from the ultrasound appointment, either Tim or I said something about "another little princess."

Addison piped up from the backseat of the van and declared, "You already have a princess." She was so adamant about already being our princess that we decided there really was only room for one princess in our family.

Since we couldn't refer to her as a princess and since we didn't have a name picked out, we needed a different nickname. I wanted something that would show we were having a baby girl. My solution:
Cristi, mom to Addison (7.5), Brennan (nearly 5), and a Ladybug due March 2006
From then on, we all called the baby Ladybug. In fact, we called her Ladybug all the way up until she made her grand appearance.

Since then the ladybug theme has popped up time and time again.

Halloween costumes:
(be sure to notice the coordinating cast in the second picture)

 Birthday cakes:

And even one of her favorite hospital gowns:

Most recently she is carrying on the ladybug theme by singing with the Ladybugs in the Girls' Chorus:

It looks like my little ladybug isn't so little anymore!

Ben and MeI'm sharing a "years ago" story corresponding to each letter of the alphabet for the Blogging through the Alphabet challenge hosted by Marcy at Ben and Me. I often tell my children stories of things that have happened in our past, and now I'm taking the time to write down those stories.

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  1. How fun for your little "ladybug" to have all those ladybug themed events and photos to look back on!

  2. What a fun nickname & theme throughout her years!

  3. Cool story! Cute pictures! :-)

  4. I remember those signatures...what a great story!



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