Friday, May 30, 2014

Random Five on Friday, May 30th

1. I was signing up for a Costco membership, and Lauren was telling the sales clerk that her daddy was in the military. The young man looked over at the counter at her and said, "You know what? Your daddy is my hero."

2. Last Monday, Tim told me about doing some Murph challenge with some of his new cross-fit buddies. I found out later that it's a special Memorial Day challenge honoring Lt. Michael Murphy (SEAL) who was killed in Afghanistan nine years ago -- The Murph Challenge.

3. Lauren's been working on a new crochet project this week. It marks a big milestone -- the first time that she's actually following a pattern instead of making it up as she goes along.

4. Addison is currently traveling with the girls' chorus. We get daily email updates from the director and often a few pictures. Last year, she managed to hide in the back of all of the pictures so she was sent with specific instructions to be in the front this year. So far, I've been able to spot her in at least one picture per day.

5. I was at a friend's house late the other night and noticed beautiful white flowers on a plant near the driveway. I kept watch for a few days (and nights) and it appears that it only blooms at night. How cool is that?

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