Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten Things to Do in a Few Spare Minutes (the kitchen version)

I've come to realize that this isn't a season of my life where I can set aside large blocks of time for house keeping. My best chance at being able to keep our house looking presentable (and perhaps even looking nice) is to take advantage of small chunks of time that I can find in the midst of our schedules.

I often find myself with five or even ten minutes to spare before I need to leave for an appointment or while I'm waiting for Lauren to finish taking her medicines. Instead of just wasting that time by hopping on the computer, I've started finding little tasks that can go a long ways towards keeping the kitchen clean.

1. Wipe off the counters, the inside of the microwave, or the front of one of the appliances

2. Take out the recycling, even if the bin isn't full yet

3. Take the used towels, cloth napkins, and dishrags up to the laundry room

4. Rinse out medicine syringes

5. Put away the dishes that were sitting out beside the sink to dry

6. See if there's ten things in the junk drawer that could be thrown away (or put back where they belong)

7. Make sure there's enough iced tea in the refrigerator to last through dinner

8. Put water and coffee into the coffee maker so that it'll be ready to go in the morning

9. Sweep the floors

10. Add meal ideas to the planner or grocery requests to the list

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