Thursday, September 26, 2013

When I searched for beauty

We're just coming to the end of monsoon season here in the Arizona desert. I had noticed that the cactus were looking greener and the scraggly trees had new leaves. It wasn't until I looked I stopped to pay attention that I found small spots of beauty scattered throughout our neighborhood.

I took all of these pictures while I was walking around the block with Lauren.

Who would've ever thought I'd find so many pretty flowers in the desert?

It doesn't take me long to walk around the block, even if I'm taking pictures while Lauren rides her bike down the hill.

Seeing the flowers -- seeing the beauty around me -- only requires that I pay attention.

God has richly blessed me. I need to pay attention to those blessings. That's why I'm sharing these flower pictures tonight and why I continue to search for something special to share each day as a Beauty Captured post.

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  1. absolutely beautiful, and a blessing to realize there is beauty in every day. well done, friend.

  2. These are wonderful photos, Cristi! Flowers are some of my favorite photos and you captured some that are rarely seen in most places. Beautiful!


  3. Wow! I wonder how much of God's beauty and blessings we miss everyday!? Thanks for sharing such great pictures!!

  4. Not my idea of the desert, at all. We read Roxaboxen recently so I must show these to the children.

  5. gorgeous! Great eye and great camera ; )



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