Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reading Stars {Read-Aloud Challenge}

A few weeks ago, I started brainstorming ways to display the book that Lauren and I read this year. I thought of a few cute ideas, and a friend suggested a really awesome diamond back rattlesnake idea (write a book title on each segment or rattle). Realistically, though, I knew that creative ideas were more likely to remain ideas and less likely to become a reality. I found foam star cut-outs at Target the other day (in the dollar spot) and decided that they'd make a cute enough display for us.

Lauren decided that we needed to record both the books I read to her and the books that she reads aloud as part of her schoolwork. A New Home for Lily counts as our first read-aloud for this school year because we finished it on our first day of school.

Our current read-aloud is the third book in the Lily Lapp series -- A Big Year for Lily. It was just released a few weeks ago, and Lauren was thrilled to receive a copy as a back-to-school surprise.

If you're interested in the Lily Lapp books, you can read the review I posted earlier this summer. As you can tell, Lauren's a huge Lily Lapp fan!

I'm linking my post up to Debra's somewhat weekly read-aloud challenge. Interestingly, she's also talking about A Big Year for Lily this week.

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