Monday, June 10, 2013

Goal Planning Monday -- Focusing on Scripture Memory

It hasn't even been six weeks since I foolishly declared that some of my ongoing goals had become habits and didn't need to be listed anymore. I was wrong.

For a while, I wrote down my scripture memory verses on index cards that I carried around in my purse. I'd practice them at stop lights or whenever I had a few extra moments. When I was on the computer, I'd take a few moments to review the verses I had learned by using Scripture Typer. I thought that was enough to make sure that I met my goal of memorizing 100 verses this year.

As I got busier, though, I didn't keep finding the time to type my verses for review. I also didn't write new verses on index cards. I relied on Scripture Typer to learn new verses, but then I didn't follow through by using my computer time to review verses.

That leaves me where I am now. I have memorized 40 verses so far this year, but I'm a bit behind in terms of progress for the year.

I set a goal for last week to get caught up on making my index cards, but I didn't have an opportunity to blog the beginning of the week. Since I didn't finish all the cards, I'm continuing the goal for this week.

I'll finish writing the index cards for the verses I need to learn in order to be caught up with my 100 Bible Verses in 2013 paces, and then I'll start working on memorizing them. Since I rarely travel by interstate, I have lots of time spent at stop lights that can be used to help me learn the new verses.

Goal Planning Monday is now hosted by Debbie at Debbie's Digest. We'd love to have more bloggers join us in setting goals and getting things done!

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  1. Welcome back. I have not done as well with my memory verses as I would like either. I am only doing 24 verses though, 2 a month. I can't imagine trying 100 verses in a year. That will be quite an accomplishment and a blessing as you have so much of God's Word hidden in your heart. I have all my verses written on index cards as well but I am all caught up on that part. It's the memorizing I am struggling with. I need to make it a DAILY habit to go over my verses. Right now it is hit or miss... mostly miss.

    I hope you had a successful week. Sorry it took me so long to come comment. It has been a crazy week at my house. Thanks for linking up. It was great to see your photo on the linky. I hope to see you again tomorrow to see how you did with your goals the past week. God bless.



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