Thursday, April 4, 2013

C is for Convention . . . LTC Convention

For our family, if it's Easter weekend, it must be time for LTC Convention.

LTC stands for Leadership Training for Christ -- a program to encourage third through twelfth graders to develop skills in areas that will equip them to become leaders in a church. Our kids practice for hours each week from the beginning on January until the convention.

On Easter weekend, conventions are held all across America. For the past two years, our church group competed in Rogers, Arkansas. This year, the LTC SW convention was held here in Tucson, about 30 minutes from our house. Much of our group stayed at the convention hotel, though, so it was a lot like getting away for the weekend.

Between Addison and Brennan they earned thirty awards. Some of them, like service challenge, Bible memory challenge, and daily devotional reading challenge, were for activities completed before the convention. During the convention itself, the students compete in both individual and group events. Highlights of the weekend always include watching our chorus and drama teams perform.

Instead of rambling on about every event that my kids competed in, I'll just share a few photo highlights:

Brennan's drama group:

Addison competing in Bible Bowl by selecting an answer on the dial hidden inside the box:
LTCSW Bible Bowl

Brennan's Bible Bowl group (he's the one in the cool hat):
LTCSW Bible Bowl

Brennan working with students from other churches to act out a scripture passage:

Brennan's song leading:
After all the scores were gathered, we had a celebration evening where some of the best or most unique groups got to perform in front of all the people at the convention. Addison was honored to be chosen to do the sign language interpretation along with one of the songs.

Sign Language InterpretationSign Language Interpretation

The resort we stayed at was absolutely gorgeous. The kids were thrilled to have a few hours of free time to hang out in the heated pool -- floating in the lazy river or sliding down the water slide.



The view from the resort looking over Tucson:
Starr Pass Resort

On Easter Sunday, all of the families that were still at the resort gathered on the patio for an outdoor church service led by the participants. 

Sunrise (view from our room):
Brennan leading singing for the group:
Song Leading

What a wonderful way to celebrate our risen Savior!

Starr Pass Resort

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  1. Congratulations on all the awards! Looks like a really great time.



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