Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another catch-up Goal Planning Monday

Last week was so busy with preparations for a weekend away at the LTC convention that I just now realized that I didn't post a GPM update last week. I guess I did achieve my main goal -- we made it to the convention and had a wonderful time.

Progress on ongoing goals:
1. Exercise: I took some time off in the hopes that my knee injuries would heal. I'm happy to report that I had a pain-free kickboxing workout last night, but I'm going to rest from running for a bit longer. Time to start on some leg workouts, PT-style.

2. Bible Reading: I should easily be able to finish the last of yesterday's reading and all of today's readings this afternoon while Lauren's in her PT session.

3. Scripture Memory: Now that we've passed the 25 verses mark, I'm struggling to keep reviewing all of them. I know of an organized way that uses an index card file box, but I might just make sure that I spend some extra time on Scripture Typer this week.

4. Read: I've set aside all of my fiction choices lately. Right now, I'm in the middle of the Gods at War by Kyle Idelman, Hope for the Weary Mom by Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothin, and Unglued by Lisa TerKeurst. I love having the Kindle app so that I can read a chapter or two of each when I find some extra time.

5. Blog: I finally feel like I've caught up and am just working at a steady pace. I have pictures from LTC to share this week, a read-aloud update, and probably a review. If I have some time, I'd really like to work on some blog reorganization, especially by adding labels to my past posts.

New goals:
Over the past few weeks I have reorganized my iPhoto library so it's less daunting. Now I begin the slow process of weeding through duplicates, tagging people, adding keywords, and flagging my favorite photos.

Go to bed earlier. Lately I've had more than a few late nights, and I'm dragging through the days.

I'm adding my list of goals and accomplishments to the others at Mama Manuscripts. I'm thankful for all my friends that meet each week to cheer each other on.

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  1. Katrina has not gotten a link up posted but I came by to check and see if you posted this week anyway.

    I have been using Scripture Typer for my Bible memory this year too. I am trying to memorize 2 verses a month with a group of ladies on Facebook. I need a lot of work on my verses also.

    Glad you knee is doing better... take things slow and easy. I was going to exercise today but I didn't... maybe tomorrow. God Bless



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