Monday, April 8, 2013

Another busy Goal Planning Monday

I feel like I hardly had a chance to take a deep breath and recover from the LTC Convention when we stepped right into the middle of baseball season busyness. Opening day was last Saturday, and I can see many busy nights ahead of us. Thankfully, all of the rest of Brennan's games will be late enough at night that it won't be too hot.

Progress on ongoing goals:
1. Exercise: I love that our kickboxing class is low-impact and that I can still exercise while I'm taking it easy on my knees. I hope I can go for at least a short run sometime this week to see how my knees hold up.

2. Bible Reading: I finished my Bible in 90 Days reading plan last Friday morning. This morning I pulled out a Journible booklet I have for James. If I like working through the Journibles, I may order the one for Acts next.

3. Scripture Memory: I've spent quite a bit of time catching up with my scripture review on Scripture Typer this week. I need to make sure I have all the verses written on index cards so that I can review them when I'm away from home too.

4. Read: I finished reading Hope for the Weary Mom by Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothin, and I continued with Gods at War by Kyle Idleman. I also flipped through a few other non-fiction selections on my Kindle app when I was waiting at Lauren's therapies. This afternoon I pulled Sally Clarkson's Seasons of a Mother's Heart off my bookshelf to read. I know it sounds crazy to switch around between so many books, but it works for me.

5. Blog: I didn't do any behind-the-scenes organizing, but I'm still working at a steady pace in terms of reviews and other posts I'd like to write.

New goals:
1. Continue working with iPhoto.

2. Find more meal ideas, especially for ones that don't heat up the house very much. It's already pretty hot here in the afternoons.

3. Look through my closet and donate all of the winter clothes that I didn't chose to wear this year. I know there is quite a bit of stuff that's no longer a style that I wear.

4. Be consistent with leg/knee exercises so that I can get back to running.

I'm adding my list of goals and accomplishments to the others at Mama Manuscripts. I'm thankful for all my friends that meet each week to cheer each other on.

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