Sunday, March 31, 2013

B is for B90 -- Bible in 90 Days

Around Christmastime, I saw a friend post on Facebook that she was starting a Bible in 90 days group, and I was tempted to join.

I've read through the Bible several times in the past. I can remember at least twice that I've followed a yearly Bible plan -- once when we were living in Germany and again last year. I've also done the Bible in 90 days plan twice.

I like the challenge of the Bible in 90 Days (B90) plan. When we were in Arkansas, I downloaded a digital Bible to my nook and tucked my schedule into the cover. Lauren had either occupational or physical therapy every weekday, and I did my Bible reading while I sat in the waiting room. Normally, I could read a little extra on Fridays and Mondays to make up for busy weekend days.

When my friend posted about doing the challenge this year, I realized that I didn't have nearly as much waiting room time as I have had in the past. Lauren only has therapy on two days of the week in Arizona.

I thought about waiting for a better time to do a B90 challenge. I even thought about just reading through the Bible in a year again. I realized, thought, that I need a challenge. When I read through the Bible in a year, it was far too easy to catch up if I got behind. When I challenge myself to read the Bible in just 90 days, I know that I can't miss more than a day or two at a time.

The first two times I read through the Bible in 90 days, I read the books in canonical order. This time, my friend recommended a specific Chronological Study Bible that I've really enjoyed. I like seeing how different books of the Bible include the same historical events, sometimes with the exact same language and sometimes with slight differences in the details. The chronological version also allows me to see the Bible as one continuous story from beginning to end. When I first read a chronological version of the Bible, I realized what it means to take a particular verse in context. The real context for any verse is the whole Bible, not just the few verses surrounding it in the text.

I only have 10 more days left in this Bible in 90 days challenge. I have a few ideas of what I'm going to do with my study time after this, but I haven't made a firm decision yet.

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  1. Wow - that's awesome! What an inspiration. I have a girl in my Senior High Sunday School class that also just finished the Bible in 90 days challenge. I'm excited for both of you! :-)



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