Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real Easter {Think Back Thursday}

Earlier this week, while organizing scads of digital pictures, I hunted for some Easter-themed snapshots to share for this week's Think Back Thursday post. It's been a while since I've participated, but I'm inspired to share more of our older pictures now that I'm slowly getting them sorted out.

Last night, I picked some random favorites, but I was sort of hoping that I'd find some inspiration to put them in a post. I wanted them to be at least somewhat organized.

This morning I happened to see a photo link-up called "Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real" on Like Mother, Like Daughter. Perfect. The stated purpose of the project is to "capturing the context of contentment in everyday life." My pictures aren't necessarily everyday life, but I think back three years to a pleasant Easter Sunday in Fairfax, Virginia with contentment and happy memories.

Easter 2010


Sadly, we only got one decent picture of Lauren's pretty Easter dress. She wasn't in the mood for picture taking, and I told her I'd help her off the stool after she sang a song. I don't think she looked up at the camera the whole time.




round button chicken

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  1. Love that you found a way to organize your "random" photos from Easter 2010. I found more photos of Easter than I thought I had.

    Adorable children, love Lauren's dress and her smile. Kids can be uncooperative when they want to. Favorite photo was the funny one and second favorite was the real one... although for my family the funny one would also be a real one for us. My kids are always doing goofy things.

    Thanks for linking up. Keep joining in the fun when you can.



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