Monday, February 11, 2013

Goal Planning Monday -- the accomplishments that weren't

I often sit down to post my goal planning check-in and reflect on all that I accomplished the previous week. I guess I accomplished quite a bit last week, but not much of it included the things that I set out to accomplish. I spent much of one day taking Lauren to the doctor and pharmacy (ear infection and pink eye) and a few other days feeling slightly sick-ish myself. I did manage to keep most things still going as normal around here (school, extra activities, a fairly clean house, clean clothes, healthy meals, etc) so I'll consider that a success.

Progress on ongoing goals:
1. Exercise: I skipped two days of running because I just wasn't feeling up to it, and tonight's kickboxing class was cancelled due to weather. I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be a running day.

2. Bible Reading: I'm a day behind, but I should be able to catch up fairly easily.

3. Scripture Memory: I've been practicing my verses while I drive back and forth across town, and I even said all of them to Addison the other afternoon.

4. Read: I read one book last week and started on another. They're both gory murder-mysteries, though, and I'm not sure I'd recommend them to many people.

5. Blog: I had hoped to finish a review last weekend, but it's still a work in progress. I told myself I wouldn't wait until the last minute, and here I am with only about three more days until the deadline.

Accomplishments (aka last week's goals):
1. Digital Photo Organization: I don't remember working on my photos at all, just one of the things that didn't rank high enough up on my priority list.

2. Sewing: I did buy the red thread that I need, but I didn't get anything else done on it.

3. I did find a few new lunch ideas for me and the kiddos. Now I just need to try them.

New goals (also known as goals repeated from last week):
1. Catch up with my long-terms goals in terms of Bible reading, exercise, and blogging.

2. Decide which new lunch recipes to try and buy the ingredients for them. (Since I shop on the weekends, it'll be hard to try anything new before next Monday.)

3. Digital Photo Organization: I'll work on June and July pictures from last week.

4. Take care of various phone calls I need to make -- setting up appointments, getting insurance questions answered, etc.

I'm adding my list of goals and accomplishments to the others at Mama Manuscripts. The GPM link is back at its old home, and we'd love for you to join us.

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  1. I am a little behind in my Bible reading, too. I am working on some projects... painting and decopaging wood... and needed some more paint because ours had dried up... so I understand the needing supplies and not getting things accomplished because of it. I am glad you are feeling better and I hope you have a great rest of your week and weekend. Happy Valentines Day. Let us know which lunch recipes work for your family... I would be interested since I am looking for some new lunch things myself... especially healthier lunches.



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