Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Mysterious Read-Aloud Update

Over the holidays, I intended to take a read-aloud break. As it turned out, Brennan was so interested in The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict (part of the Mysterious Benedict Society books) that he asked me to read a chapter here and there during our days off. I didn't mind. In fact, I've been tempted to sneak a peek ahead in the book because I can't wait to figure everything out. I've been good so far, and we only have two or three chapters remaining.

Now that we're back into a regular school schedule, I've added in a few other read-alouds to count as history. We're starting the We the People unit study curriculum by Homeschool Legacy so that Brennan  can work on his Citizenship in the Nation merit badge for Boy Scouts. So far, we've read What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin? by Jean Fritz. We'll be adding in other read-alouds from the Revolutionary War time period over the next few weeks.

I haven't done much reading to Lauren the past two weeks. Right now, I can hear a Charlotte's Web audiobook playing in her room. She nearly always has an audiobook that she's listening to, both at bedtime and during the day. I need to decide on a chapter book to read to her next. It's time for me to pick a book, but I'm not sure which one she'd most enjoy. I know that I have several Core 1 read-alouds on my shelves. Perhaps we'll read Mr. Popper's Penguins or Homer Price. I think she's heard Henry Huggins on audiobook recently.

I'm sharing my list of read-alouds with the others at Footprints in the Butter and hoping that I can find more read-aloud book ideas.

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  1. My kids both love Magic Tree House as a read aloud choice and the library also has lots of them on CD. I love how they mix the fantasy of Merlin with the history of the location they are sent to back in time.

  2. Great idea! I bet Lauren would quickly become interested enough in them to start reading them on her own. Thank you.

  3. Sydney and I have gotten hooked on the American Girl doll books. We started with the one that came with her doll a year ago and quickly got the 2nd in the series. Cute books, great morals, and deal with common issues. When I was reading to her over the break at the cabin I even had the boys hooked (although they didn't admit it until she and I went into the other room to read and they followed). I'm looking forward to digging into my Little House paperback series that I got as a kid and have kept all these years.



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