Sunday, November 4, 2012

I is for Imagination

I never cease to be amazed at the extent of Lauren's imagination.

The other night, while I was tucking Lauren into bed, she asked me if I liked the coloring pages she had taped up on her walls. I looked at them for second and couldn't think of how to answer her.

I know she can color much better than that, and I had told her earlier to not print lots of pages unless she was going to color them. I stalled for a second or two, and then thankfully, Lauren explained. Those pictures, the ones closest to her bed, were the ones McKenna, Addi, and Laurie had done that afternoon. No wonder they weren't colored neatly; the girls are much younger than Lauren.

A picture of the artists -- Laurie, McKenna, and Addi (from left to right):

The picture Lauren colored was hanging on a different wall where I couldn't see it.

I'm thankful for Lauren's imagination that brings so much fun to our days!

I'm linking this post up with other "I" posts at Ben and Me. We'd love to have other bloggers join us as we blog our way through the alphabet. You can jump in anytime.

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