Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where don't we do school? (Back to Homeschool Blog Hop)

I remember setting aside a room in our old house that held all of our homeschool materials. I think I remember doing school in there a few times.

In reality, our homeschool work sort of took over everywhere in our house (and sometimes not in our house). The pictures show the real story -- we do schoolwork everywhere.

Actually in the schoolroom:

In a doctor's office:

Science dissections in the kitchen:
(Yes, we cleaned up very thoroughly afterwards.)

Brennan at on the dining room table:

Lauren at the table in the schoolroom:

I wouldn't believe this one if I didn't have a picture to prove it.
Brennan's using the desk in his bedroom:

Reading in the swing in the garage:

At On the dining room table. Wonder where she learned that?

On the computer:

Addison's makeshift desk in her room:

And perhaps my favorite... a science experiment on the roof:

I don't know yet where we'll be doing school when we start back next week. From looking at all the pictures, I don't think that the lack of a dedicated school room will make a big difference. It's pretty clear that my kids can (and will) study just about anywhere.


If you'd like to see how and where other homeschoolers work, be sure to visit some of the other blogs participating in the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop this week.


  1. I love your pictures! I have been failing at putting pictures into my posts this week. I especially love the pic of Lauren on the table. I thought it was an old pic of Addison at first. :)

    Hope you find a home soon.

  2. On the roof, you rock!! Thanks for sharing your room. This was my favorite post to write, I think.

  3. Great post! I love the roof learning photo!

  4. I just popped by to say, HI!!

    Great post. I love the kids ON the table pictures. We don't have a dedicated school room either, though we do most of our school in the dining room.

    I also wanted to say I have missed seeing your posts in my Think Back Thursday meme. This week's meme is up and the theme was dirt. If you've got kids, and you do, I am sure you have some kind of picture with dirt in it. If you can't join this week I understand. I have listed the themes for the rest of August and you could work on one of those. I hope to see you back to joining my meme soon.

    Have a Great day.

  5. School on the it! :-)

  6. I love schooling on the roof. :) That's fantastic!

  7. Wonderful! That's HOMEschooling! My kids used to love being ON the table too, but since I prefer the floor, they do the floor more now. Great post!



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