Thursday, June 7, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Animals

My friend Debbie recently encouraged me to join her "Think Back Thursday" meme at Debbie's Digest. It took me a few weeks, but I've finally made the time to find an old picture to share. (Note: I like her definition of thinking back -- even yesterday is thinking back.

 This week's theme is animals, and I suspect she thought people would be posting zoo pictures or pet pictures or something similarly cute. I couldn't decide on just one cute picture, though.

In terms of a real animal, this is the cutest one I found in my iPhoto library. We saw the baby camel when we were in Cincinnati about a month ago.

I can't resist also sharing this picture of one of the zoo animals that actually lives at my house. I think it was taken about a year and a half ago.


  1. Both baby animals are so cute! Your tiger is especially adorable! I've never seen a baby camel - he looks like one of those collapsing toys. LOL

  2. Both these baby animals are too cute! That baby camel is hilarious - he's all legs. And your baby tiger is adorable. :-)

  3. BOth are adorable, and I really like your blog's new look too!

  4. Oh Cristi, How funny, I posted a picture of a camel, too! And I love the tiger. I think her picture is perfect for this theme!



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