Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- May 21

Even though I haven't been publicly posting goals for the past few weeks, I've not given up. Due to various crazy days and schedule crunches, my goals have consisted of scribbled to-do notes scattered on my still messy desk. It's not perfect, but it still helps me stay on task.

Yesterday I was determined to post my scribbled list publicly. Unfortunately, a crazy day turned into a crazy evening and it didn't get done. I'm going to file it under "don't sweat the small stuff." Better Goal Planning Tuesday than Goal Planning Never.

Just for fun, I played around with a little alliteration this morning to make the following random list seem somewhat coherent.

1. Rally the troops: I want to leave the house clean when we leave later this week. We'll all have to chip in to get it all done.

2. Return all the laundry to its home: I got everything washed yesterday, and most of it is folded. Unfortunately, it is still stacked all over one of the couches.

3. Respond to a few emails: There are a few messages that have been sitting in my inbox for longer than I'd like. It won't take long, but I need to find some time to focus on them.

4. Reviews:  I have three reviews that I'd like to wrap up this week. Thankfully, they shouldn't be too difficult to write.

5. Ready to go: I thankfully saved my packing lists from our last big trip. I just need to double check the lists, do some last minute laundry, print out some things, and pack it all up.

6. Run: I managed to squeeze in a 2-mile run last night after our evening activities. I'd love to find time for at least another run or two this week.

I'm linking this list up with the ones my friends posted at Real Life Unscripted. I love how they still don't complain when I stretch Goal Planning Monday into almost any day of the week.


  1. I've had to post a Goal Planning Tuesday before too. if I remember correctly, that turned out to be a pretty good week! I love your list - I need to think of a way to make my list of goals a little more creative and fun. I'll add that to my to-do list. ;-)

    Have a great week!

  2. I love the alliteration you used for your goals. I am trying to shorten my goals. I have a lot of goals I post weekly and I want to make it a little shorter so that people will want to read all the way through my list. I don't need to post so may details about each goal.

    Also, it is great that you kept setting your goals an accomplishing things even though you didn't post them... but I am glad you are back to posting your goals and joining us. I hope you had a great week so far and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday to check out how you did on your goals this week.



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