Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goal Planning Monday (kind of)

I posted last Monday that I could tell when I hadn't set goals for my week --  I didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped, the little picking up tasks around the house went undone and started to add stress to busy days, and I just didn't feel like I was on top of my game.

This week is a rather out-of-sorts week in that we're not following along with our typical school day activities and we're adding in quite a bit of other stuff to take care of. We've taken a bit of a late-Spring Break the past few days to spend extra time with my parents who came to visit. I think tomorrow and Friday will be a whirlwind of activity as I finish all the preparations for our trip next week.

I knew that I wouldn't do well without goals, so I scribbled them down on a notepad until I could post about them. I later went back and added "due dates" so that I could mark my progress along the way.

1. Laundry: My original goal was to have everything put away by tonight. I still have one load left to go in the washer tomorrow morning, but all the rest is folded and put away.

2. Packing lists: I plan on working on these tomorrow afternoon while Addison and Brennan are in Physical and Occupational Therapy. They should easily be finished by tomorrow night.

3. Wrap baby gifts: I also need to plan a blog post to show the baby blankets. I've been a bit afraid that the recipient would see the picture come across my Facebook feed if I posted it sooner.

4. Cupcakes: I made 4 dozen paper cupcake wrappers on Tuesday morning, and now all I have left to do is make the cupcakes. I'll make the icing Thursday, bake cupcakes Friday night, and decorate all the tops Saturday morning.

5. Reviews: I have two reviews that I need to finish and post this week. One includes a giveaway!

6. Schoolwork: I need to pack all the big kids' schoolwork so that they can take it with them next week when they'll be staying with their grandparents.

7. Load the McKenna app on my iPod: Lauren added this one to my to-do list. I'll probably wait until the last minute so that she doesn't get tired of it before we even leave home.

8. Crochet a baby hat: This one didn't make my original list, but I'm considering it an accomplished goal because I managed to finish and wrap it all after I got home last night. (I didn't make my standing early bedtime goal, though.)

9. The basics: Bible reading, dishes, clearing off the kitchen cabinet, getting things prepared the night before.

I'm joining my Goal Planning Friends at Real Life Unscripted to share my goals for the week. Feel free to join us!

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