Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorites

For some time now I've been reading a blog that both encourages me and challenges me.

I thought about that blog (and re-read a few entries) when I was in the hospital with Lauren this week.

Rachel at Finding Joy often talks about how she sat in a hospital room with her young son and made a conscious decision to notice the joyful moments in her days. Every Friday she shares the bright spots in her week -- the special moments that all too often get overlooked in the midst of dirty dishes, piles of laundry, doctors appointments, and everything else.

friday favorite things | finding joy

This morning, Tim and I left Cincinnati Children's Hospital feeling disappointed and discouraged. We came hoping to find answers. We leave with no new clues. We leave with the many of the same questions that we had last weekend.

Part of me still feels like crying. Part of me wants to complain about taking a trip halfway across the country and leaving empty handed.

Instead, I sat down at my computer to look at some of the pictures that I took this week. I have a feeling that Lauren will remember the fun we had during our week in Ohio. I pray that I won't forget these special moments -- my Friday favorites for this week.

It took all three of us working together to get the arch to stand up. 
It made another little girl's day when we told her that she could kick it down.

Watching the polar bear swim laps

Isn't the baby camel just the cutest thing ever?

We also saw an elephant pooping. Thankfully there's not a picture to share.

All smiles on the way to the last appointments

Lauren fixed McKenna's hair and then told me that I needed to fix hers to match. 
Earlier this week they both needed French braids.

I'm pretty sure I have a picture of Addison posing on this rock about 11 years ago.

"Can you get me down now?"

Yes, it was a good week -- even without answers.

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!


  1. Those are great pictures! I'm still praying that the answers will come. I love the picture of the polar bear swimming!

  2. I'm so sorry you haven't been given the answers desperately need to know how to help Lauren. It must be beyond frustrating to know there are answers, but you don't have them. I'll keep praying.

  3. No pictures of band-aids in trash cans (or elephants pooping), but I agree this is definitely representative of the good times we had outside the hospital that week!

  4. Love challenging myself to find the joy! I wrote this post on it and reread it when I'm feeling especially sorry for myself:

    Where did you get your daughter and her dolls matching outfits? My girl loves to match her AG doll!



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