Monday, April 23, 2012

Goal Planning Monday

For the past two weeks I didn't write a post for Goal Planning Monday. I justified my decision by looking at my crazy schedule and telling myself that just keeping up with the basics would be good enough. I should've at least written down that basic goal. Instead I let something slide here and then another something slide there. Before I knew it my basics had become my forgottens. I realize late last week that my messier than usual kitchen, my lack of evening preparations, and the little messes that crept up were adding stress to an already busy week.

I made a conscious decision to go back to the basics. I caught up on my Bible reading. I did all the dishes. I cleaned off the peninsula in the kitchen. I made sure that most of the kids' schoolwork was prepared the night before.

My days started to seem a bit more reasonable. I still have a demanding six-year-old that's stayed out past her bedtime a few too many times lately, and I still have schedules to juggle. My stress level is back down to a more tolerable level and will be even better when I can get a few good nights' sleep.

1. Back to the basics: Bible reading, clean kitchen, school preparations, and a reasonable bedtime.

2. Finish the laundry tomorrow. Completely finish the laundry. It doesn't count if the last load of whatever sits in the dryer for a few extra days. It also doesn't count if I still have laundry baskets or random small stacks of clothes in my bedroom.

3. Conquer my desk... again.

4. Read. I'm not sure which book off of my long list, but I want to read something.

5. Run. I didn't get out today so it looks like I may only manage two times this week. Three would be awesome.

Recently the Goal Planning Monday meme has moved to a new home. If you'd like to join in the planning fun, you can find us at Real Life Unscripted.


  1. I missed you when you were taking a break. You are right that sometimes you just need to write down the basics!

    I'll admit that I have a couple baskets of folded clothes tucked under beds. You don't count that as being done? *wink* I should add that to my list next week.

    I hope to see you again on Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Went to Goal Planning Monday to make sure I hadn't missed commenting on anyone's post. I found out you posted after I had posted and checked the list. I am also glad you are back to joining us. It is more fun with more friends!! I know what you mean about things being hectic and going from bad to worse when you let your goals and priorities slip. Getting back to the basics feels really good. I hope you had a great week, accomplished much, and will continue to join GPM.



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