Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gratitude Challenge -- Day 8

This afternoon, I'm thankful for a "Slushy Day."

Nearly every afternoon I pass Sonic during Happy Hour. Occasionally, if all has been going well at our house, I'll declare it a "Slushy Day" and pick up half-price slushies for everyone. Today was one of those good days:

a day when all the schoolwork got done,

a day when we actually read a whole chapter of our read-aloud (it took nearly an hour),

a day when there weren't too many fights over who was breathing too loudly,

a day when the grilled cheese sandwiches weren't burned,

a day when there weren't too many messes to clean up,

a day when the laundry getes washed and put away,

a day when I actually rested during rest time,

a day when I'm proud to be the parent of three wonderful children.

I like celebrating the days when everything goes as planned. It gives me hope that there will be more good days in the future.

If you're having a good day (or even just a slightly-better-than-horrible day), you can share what you're thankful for at Brenda's Gratitude Challenge.


  1. Those are all very good things! I'd be thankful for a day like that, too!

  2. Ths is a great idea. It makes me wish we had a Sonic nearby. I'll have to think of a substitute.




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