Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gratitude Challenge --- Day 26

I am thankful for the long weekend that we got to spend with family.

We had lots of fun playing games, shopping, shooting hoops, hanging out, and watching a movie.

We also managed to get a lot of little chores done around the house. Tim fixed the cabinet door in the kitchen, took some parts leftover from another project back to Lowe's, and even fertilized the yard. My mom took pity on me and sewed all of the patches onto both Brennan and Tim's scout uniforms. Tim and I spent several long evenings organizing and creating photo gifts for Christmas. We also managed to put up the Christmas tree, a stressful event that included two trips to a store to buy more replacement strands of lights.

It was fun to relax, but it's also a great feeling to see all that we accomplished over the past few days.


  1. I had an awesome time, too -- much better than that picture makes it out.

  2. I should've noted that this is what you look like when playing dominos before you finish that cup of coffee sitting on the table.

  3. I just wanted to tell you a funny about our 'tree-putting-up' yesterday. Every year, when we put Christmas away into boxes, I write on the outside of them what's inside along with the year. So some of the Christmas boxes have contents listed back to 1995 (our first Christmas together). We've had to add some boxes and get rid of ones that fall apart. Anyway, yesterday Eric and I got a wonderful tree while the kids were at school. We had it up, but not decorated so they could help when they got home. I had taco soup going and my dad was coming for supper (mom is out of town) Eric starts going through the boxes looking for lights (he doesn't read the contents listed on the outside---silly man) and comes up with one strand and one strand only. We search the rest and can't find any more. So he heads out to walmart to buy some. Meanwhile, I'm thinking, surely we have more lights. Surely they'll turn up. Then I decide to read the boxes...sure enough. One says: "2010: tree skirt, mantle decorations and ONE strand of tree lights. BUY MORE! (at least 2 strands more" I call Eric and tell him. We were trying to warn ourselves, we just forgot to listen! The topper of this story is that he came home with 3 strands of lights (we got a big tree) and as he was unraveling the very last one to string up, one section wouldn't light!!!! UGH. Tis the season!



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