Monday, November 7, 2011

Goal Planning Monday -- November 7

I really do get more done if I have a goal in mind -- whether it's running or cleaning my house. I can't believe the progress I made, especially in terms of cleaning up my room.

Here are the goals I set last week:

1. Finish putting away all of the stuff from vacation. FINISHED
2. Re-organize medicines and medical supplies. FINISHED

3. Clean off my dresser and put all the jewelry where it belongs. FINISHED
4. Finish making a meal plan for this month, hopefully with recipes and shopping lists. (Yay for e-mealz.) MOSTLY FINISHED (I have meal plans, but not future shopping lists.)
5. Clean kitchen before bed each night. MOSTLY
6. Plan and set out school assignments each evening. MAYBE HALF THE TIME
7. Christmas projects -- I have a coupon code that expires November 6th. DIDN'T MAKE THE COUPON DEADLINE :(
8. Take stuff to Goodwill (aka move huge pile out of the floor of my bedroom). FINISHED
9. Find a new pediatrician for Lauren. FINISHED
10. Work on new chore assignments and a schedule. HAVE SOME IDEAS, BUT NOTHING SET

And now this week's goals:

1. Get up half-an-hour before Lauren does (which means I need to go to bed at a reasonable time).

2. Check school assignments and set out new ones every evening.

3. Clean kitchen (including the island/peninsula that collects junk) before bed.

4. Clean my closet.

5. Clean off my computer desk, file papers, etc.

6. Get photos ready for Christmas gift projects.

7. Return the stuff in my "take back to the store" pile.

8. Figure out chore assignments and schedule.

If you'd like to join me in setting some goals and seeing your progress, be sure to visit Mama Manuscript's Goal Planning Monday here.


  1. I like seeing the before and after pictures! Keep them coming. I hope to do something like that from time to time too but right now the USB wire for my camera is missing in action!

    I look forward to seeing what you accomplished on Monday.

  2. I should try and do more photos. I like that. Seeing your progress in photos and not just words is powerful. Thanks for the inspiration. I too have been slowly working on my bedroom. I still have some things to do in there. I also need to get going on some plans for Christmas... I need to figure some thing out soon. Christmas is coming at a fast pace.

    Next week I hope to comment on everyone's posts earlier in the week and not just the day before the new goals are posted so that I have one more thing done on my list. God Bless and I hope you had a great week.



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