Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moments to Cherish

I blog about a lot of stuff -- homeschool curriculum, books that we're reading, what my neighbor said while I was running, and what goofy things my kids are up to lately.

I fear that I've neglected to record the special moments in my days -- moments when I slow down and enjoy all that I've been blessed with, moments when I sang with one of my children, and moments when I laugh at the goofy things we're doing.

This week I want to remember a morning when Lauren was riding her bicycle down the hill near our house singing, "Mighty to Save" at the top of her lungs. I love that she has heard so many Christian songs so many times that she sings them spontaneously throughout her days. I also love that her version of "Mighty to Save" talks about how God is the "Arthur of salvation."

I had already run five miles that morning, but nothing felt better than running a bit more to keep up with her. I can't claim credit for taking these pictures, but they're perhaps even more precious to me because Addison did.

In addition to recording these special moments here, I'm sharing them with my friends in the weekly Sweet Little Photo Swap. I hope they'll forgive me for not posting pictures that I took myself.


  1. I LOVE those little "only Mama really understands the importance of these little things" moments. It's when I see them I'm reminded of the Bible verse: "And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart." (Lk 2:19) My boy(s and girl) are far from holy, but it is these little miracles we remember.

  2. Thanks for sharing with NOBH!

  3. These are great pictures and what a blessing to hear your child sing praises to our Lord and having a joyful heart! Thanks for sharing at NOBH! :)



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