Friday, September 30, 2011

Read Aloud Challenge -- September 29, 2011

I guess it's no fun to link up to this week's read-aloud challenge at Footprints in the Butter by just posting "ditto." We're smack dab in the middle of books, and so I have little to share.

I'm still reading Rifles for Watie to the big kids, and I'm still in search of a Civil War book with a confederate slant.

Lauren and I are about halfway through My Father's Dragon. We've gone several days without reading any of it, though. I'm not sure if we've just been tired/overwhelmed with our crazy schedule this week or if we just aren't as captivated by this book. I don't know if she'll want to continue with the other two books in the series or if we'll move on to something different.


  1. Christi~ if you're looking for recommendations, I think I remember that "Across Five Aprils" and "Shades of Gray" are a couple of novels with a Confederate viewpoint. Good books.

  2. We listened to My Father's Dragon on audio in the car and that made a huge difference for us... In fact it is probably about time to pull it back out again for Caleb.


  3. I felt like I was just typing up "ditto" too.

    Thanks for linking up... I really appreciate it, even if I'm a slug about getting over here to comment.



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