Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Heart Birthday!

July 28, 2011

Two years ago, we were praising God in the Cardiac ICU at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Two years ago, Lauren received one of the most precious gifts anyone could ever give -- a new, strong heart.

She's come an awful long ways since the days spent tricycling through the halls of the hospital, hooked up to a constant IV infusion that kept her heart healthy enough to wait for a transplant.

This year Lauren celebrated her heart's birthday at Camp Wamava -- a week of singing with the campers, long afternoons spent playing in the swimming pool, and lots of time to explore and get dirty.

Nothing made my heart happier than to see my little girl enjoying something so normal. When I saw her walking up the hill to arts and crafts with a rock that she had chosen out of the creek, I couldn't help but smile.

Some people may have only seen a cute little kid tagging along with the her mom to teach at a week of camp. Some of the campers may have only known her as the little kid that requested good songs (Blessed Be Your Name and You Never Let Go) during morning devotional time. Many of our friends at camp know her as the baby everyone prayed so earnestly for.

I know her as our miracle.


  1. What a lovely post. She is truly a blessing. :)

  2. wow, how wonderful! She looks so strong and healthy! What a wonderful miracle, Praise the Lord. As an aside, "Blessed Be Your Name" is a special song to me too - I ended up on bedrest at 25 weeks with my little Isaiah due to premature rupture of membranes, and that song got us through weeks of bedrest and then weeks of NICU. Special, special song. . . .

  3. What a beautiful post and a beautiful young lady.

  4. This gave me my biggest smile all day. God is good!

  5. Happy Heart Bday to her! What a blessing!

  6. I can't imagine what you went through, and how strong you had to be, but every second brought you to this day. Happy Heart Day. <3

    Thank you for the smile, and the sniffle. She's beautiful (she looks like you!) and has great taste in music. :) I am part of a donor family. (my father was the donor) I am always moved by stories of recipients.

  7. Smiles and sniffles here, too! I've read your family's journey a few times on your blog and as you've shared it with us on the Crew, and she is indeed a miracle! God bless you all!


  8. Cristi,

    I am FINALLY following your blog. What a sweet post to start with! What a special blessing that she was given a heart birthday.

    It is clear that Lauren is a precious treasure.


    PK ~ from the crew, Comment Club.

  9. Absolutely wonderful! I know you are praising God. Reading your comments about those who see the cute kiddo with you and don't know her story has me thoughtful- how many people we walk by every day but we often don't know so much.

  10. Sweet post, a darling girl - precious memories.

  11. I'm just now reading this... what a precious blessing your little girl is, and how beautiful she is, too!

    Many prayers for continued health and happiness!



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