Thursday, July 14, 2011

No place like home!

As some of you know, Lauren had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday morning. It was a bit of a frustrating morning as they scrambled to get the right anesthesia team and make sure that everything was in place for her afterwards. Lauren was understandably scared and got more upset as the waiting drug on for nearly six hours.

In the end, she did very well with the procedure. While she was in the OR, her GI doctor also did an endoscopy hoping to find out why she's had problems with eating and weight gain over the past year. We won't have real answers until after the biopsies come back next week, and even then the answer might only be, "We don't know."

Lauren and I settled in for an uneventful overnight stay in the hospital last night, and we're both glad to be back sleeping in our own beds tonight. Lauren's doing surprisingly well from a tonsils standpoint. She rarely complains of pain and even ate some soft foods this evening.


  1. I was so relieved when I saw your FB state that you were getting the right team for her. Love the picture of her sleeping. So glad you are home now!

  2. I hope she's feeling much better now. My DD had sinus surgery with tonsil and adenoid removal last summer. She has had the GI scopes and biopsies too, along with the growth issues. Our answer is still "We don't know." It's very frustrating!



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