Thursday, June 16, 2011

Read-Aloud Challenge, June 16th

Some weeks are busier than others. I probably don't have enough to share to even warrant a blog post, but I  don't want to miss linking up with my friend Debra's weekly Read-Aloud Challenge at Footprints in the Butter.

Brennan is at Cub Scout Day Camp this week, and therefore I haven't been able to read aloud after lunchtime this week. Unfortunately, our evenings were rather packed as well.

For the big kids, our bookmark has been stuck in The Incredible Journey for the past week -- just two chapters away from the end. I still have to find something to read next. We've enjoyed the past few books, but they haven't really gripped Brennan and kept his attention lately. I need to find something with a bit more action/adventure or boy appeal.

As for Lauren, it's another Junie B. Jones week. I'm pretty sure that I've read nearly every one in the series, but she still enjoys me reading them to her or even just listening to the audiobook versions. She's listened to some of the books so many times that she can correct me if I mix up a phrase or leave out an unimportant word while reading. I have got to climb up into the attic and dig out the copy of  Charlotte's Web that I want to start reading to Lauren; otherwise I might lose the last little bit of sanity I can claim as my own.

Lauren carefully arranged them all before we started reading. Look closely, they are stacked two high.


  1. So what else have you read lately? Trying to come up with some idea for the boy appeal...

    What time period has he been studying?

  2. We're on a school break so we haven't really been studying a time period lately. When we pick up in the fall, we'll be at/around the Civil War.

    We read My Side of the Mountain, Rascal, and now The Incredible Journey. Two had male main characters, but they were often very heavy in the description. I guess I'm looking for something with more action, but I don't want to just grab something fluffy to read, either.



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