Saturday, May 28, 2011

Through the Wind...

I don't think our family is exactly what you'd call normal. Ten days in the hospital for pneumonia probably only counts as a "windy day" for us, not a storm.

I had poor internet access while I was with Lauren in the hospital, and instead of a long narrative of the story I could just give a blog collection of Facebook status updates that I could've posted.

* Love that the peds clinic has weekend appointments -- Lauren's still not perking up with the oral antibiotics.

* Peds clinic apparently can't do chest X-rays on the weekends -- off to the ER.

* Benefit to being transferred from peds clinic: no several hour long wait to get to a room in the ER.

* Pneumonia not improving; starting IV antibiotics and settling in for a couple days.

* Lauren's knitting while we wait for a room. One of the ER techs sat with her while I ran to the car and taught her how to make rag rugs. I guess that'll be my new project to learn.

* Weird to be in a regular room w/ no heart monitor, etc. Too many nights on the cardiac floor.

* Lauren was thrilled when her Bible class teacher came to visit and brought a balloon attached a stuffed elephant. The elephant's name is "Phillip Johnny Bob." The butterfly's name is "I Don't Know."

* I miss wifi. 

* Lunch from the street vendor sounds good right about now. Addison claims that the one outside of Penn Hospital is one of her favorite restaurants in the whole world. She might be right.

* Oxygen -- a lot of oxygen. 8 liters at 80%. She still says she feels good... cough, cough, cough.

* Sleeping on a couch-bed is loads better than the fold-out chair beds.

* GI scope scheduled for this week is officially cancelled. We'll reschedule for a month or two from now.

* Probably viral pneumonia and we just have to wait for it to run its course.

* Figured out the secret to the oxygen and the nebulizer. As long as it's turned off when she puts it on her face, she doesn't freak out.

* Yay for the dragon mask; I think albuterol through the nebulizer is helping.

* I'm not sure I can stand the sight of more fish sticks. Maybe she'll pick something different off the menu.

* Steroids... Hmm...

* I used to wonder if I'd appreciate my bed or my shower most after a hospital stay. These days I miss my running shoes.

* Steroids... Yay! Maybe she can wean off the oxygen sooner rather than later.

*Anniversary outing w/ my hubby. Lauren's spent many a family birthday in the hospital, now she's messing with anniversaries too.

* French toast sticks smell delicious. Guess what I'm craving now.

* Hoping she can last off the oxygen long enough to take a shower.

* Rejoicing over a shower and the rest of the day without the oxygen.

Good as new -- God Is Good All The Time And All The Time God Is Good!


  1. I am glad she is ok again. Sorry to hear of another stay in hospital.

    Best wishes
    Jen in Oz

  2. Cristi,

    You are an amazing mother. I'm so glad Lauren has recovered. I will continue to pray for you and yours, as I often have through this crew year.

    I'm pleased to be your newest GFC follower and I look forward to checking back here, soon.

    May God's abundant blessing be yours,




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