Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge -- May 5th

I didn't check in with Debra's Reading Aloud Challenge last week, so I'll try to do an update that covers the high point for the past two weeks.

With Addison and Brennan, I finished reading Farmer Boy, and we started Rascal by Sterling North. There's not nearly as much action in this book as I would've expected. Oddly, my kids are still enjoying it. I feared that they would have been turned off by the lengthy descriptions and rich language. Instead, they are perhaps enjoying the readings and benefitting from this exposure to a quality book. We have two or three chapters left in this book, and then we'll start The Incredible Journey.

I've been searching for quality books to read to Lauren as well. Last week, I snuck away to the library by myself, armed with a list of suggestions from Sarah Clarkson's book Read for the Heart and the New York City Public Library's list of 100 Picture Books Every Child Should Know. I filled my large tote bag to overflowing, and I hardly made a dent in those lists. I guess it's not as hard to find good books as I thought; I just have to find some time at the library when I can look for good books instead of merely trying to limit what Lauren puts in the bag.

Some of the picture book hits this week include: Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs by Tommie dePaola, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and Katy and the Big Snow both by Virginia Lee Burton, Leah's Pony by Elizabeth Friedrich, and Does God Know How to Tie Shoes? by Nancy White Carlstrom.

Lauren's still been listening to Junie B. Jones on audiobook a lot, but she also listened to a Ramona audiobook (not sure which one) during rest time yesterday. Today we picked up the audiobook for Little House in the Big Woods. Perhaps I'll put that one in the car. It's been several years since the big kids listened to that series, and I definitely wouldn't mind listening to it again.

Lately I've also taken a bit more time than usual to read my own books. I believe in the importance of children seeing adults reading, but all too often I don't make the time (or choose to read stuff online instead of a good book). This past week I read Save Me by Lisa Scottoline. I enjoyed her original series with the all-female law firm in Philly, but I think I love her latest two books even more. Yesterday and today, I read Richard Paul Evans The Walk. I think the second part will be out soon -- not soon enough, though. I found a couple of books for me at the library, but I might pick something off of the kids' bookshelves to read next instead. There are a lot of books that I should've read in school, but somehow never did. I think I'm missing out on some read treasures.

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  1. Wow, Cristi, you did fabulous this week! My kids loved Rascal too, and I remember being a little surprised also :)

    I just got Read for the Heart from the library and I really need to work through it. I'm really wanting to be sure to get some good stuff going at my younger kids... you know, even all the great stuff I read years ago that they didn't hear. I need to figure out a plan :)



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