Monday, February 14, 2011

A Super-Mommy Kind of Day

A lot of nights I get ready for bed and mentally think through all of the things that I wished I had done that day. A lot of times I think about our homeschool days and wish I was doing more.

Today was a Super-Mommy Kind of Day. I'm going to celebrate all that we did today and hope that we have more awesome days to come.

Lauren needed to have labs drawn this morning. We were running a little late, but we still got there before the lab tech did. I even had the right color bandaid with me.

When we came home, Brennan had already started on his schoolwork. Apparently the new assignment form encouraged him to get some of it done.

Lauren did some preschool math activity sheets that I had printed out.

Brennan and I read some of his science book together, and then we googled to find out what the earthquake in Haiti registered on the Richter scale.

Lauren worked on Reading Kingdom on the computer for a while. She learned enough typing skills to move on past the letter part, and now she's working on words. She can now type kid and is working on girl.

Brennan worked on the computer for a while, covering various subjects.

Addison and Lauren fixed lunch. Addison made pasta with alfredo sauce, and Lauren cut up fruit (bananas, grapes, and clementines) to make fruit salad.

After lunch, Addison and Brennan helped Lauren with a music lesson online. Imagine that -- a homeschool day that includes extras like music. We also did a lesson of Latin together this afternoon.

During rest time, I snuck outside to enjoy some fresh air and to read my day's Bible assignment. I'm almost caught up.

The weather was so nice outside that I made the kids go outside and enjoy it. Lauren rode her scooter down the street and jumped on the trampoline. Addison and Brennan were playing basketball for a while, and then they started begging to do a science experiment.

What kind of homeschool mom would I be if I didn't let them do science experiments? Yes, I let them climb on top of the roof so that Addison could use her new physics knowledge. She dropped a baseball, and I ended up working the stop watch. She used the time it took the ball to drop to calculate how tall the roof was. She was actually pretty close, especially considering that we were trying to use my iPod to time a drop that only took eight-tenths of a second.

And, of course, the highlight of Tim's day was coming home to a good dinner. I cooked corned beef and cabbage in the crockpot. The cabbage-haters in our family requested lima beans as an additional side. I served it with hot crash potatoes and cheese-garlic biscuits.

For a special Valentine's Day treat, I made one of Tim's favorite desserts -- Red Velvet Cake.

So there you have it... one awesome day. I've definitely earned my "Mrs. Incredible" title tonight.


  1. Oh my! Way to go Addison & Brennan! So is Addison going to write up that lab report? 100% for sure, I'm telling you. :)

    I'm impressed that it worked out so well with an iPod timer...

  2. So glad you had such an awesome day! How's Lauren liking Reading Kingdom?

  3. What a fun day. Your cake sure does look yummy! I bet the kids sure had fun on the roof. Great science experiment. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a beautiful day! I noticed Addison is measuring :). We probably should do that...

  5. @ Tess -- Lauren's liking RK a whole lot better now that she's moved into the reading instruction. She can now spell/read both kid and girl.

    @ Amy -- No, not measuring. What's the fun of that? We do need to figure out how to make the alfredo sauce a little thinner. Perhaps we cooked it too long.

  6. That does sound like an awesome day! There must be a story behind the right colored bandaid.



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