Sunday, January 16, 2011

365 miles -- What am I thinking?!?

Last fall, I noticed one of my friends (a fellow KFA volunteer) mention the Couch to 5K program on facebook. A few weeks later my diabetic educator told me that I really should think about some sort of regular exercise program to help keep my risk of heart disease down.

I downloaded the C25K app to my iPod and bought a pair of running shoes. On September 18th, I did my first workout -- 60 seconds of jogging alternating with 90 seconds of walking. I kept plugging along with the program, and on my birthday (November 11th), I ran my first 5K. It wasn't an official race, but I ran the whole distance.

I never thought I'd be a runner. I also never really understood the mental health benefits of exercise. Now, I'm a firm believer in taking the time to go run so that I'm better prepared mentally to deal with the stress of my life.

This year, I've challenged myself to run 365 miles. That's roughly equal to running 3 miles either two or three times a week. As of today, I've run 16 miles -- I'm right on target. I'm learning that it's quite a commitment. It's far too easy to say, "It's too cold," or "I'm too busy," or "The planets aren't properly aligned." If I pass up a few days of running now though, I know I'm going to regret it later in the year when I'm trying to play catch-up in order to get enough miles in this year. Besides, several of my friends have put a friendly wager on the table -- if I don't run 365 miles, I'll owe KFA an extra $10 donation. (Not to mention the teasing I'll have to endure.)


  1. Fun! It's a very reasonable target, I bet you'll do great.

  2. You'll be able to easily reach that goal! You always seemed to reach whatever goal you set for yourself! My NikeID program has me at 325miles last year and that's just what got recorded when my ipod was charged. Such a super goal to have. PS. That's a super cute pic of you!

  3. I love that goal. Has it made a difference in your blood sugars. I know running in the pool and even walking outside bring mine right down. I think I'll make the same goal as you....only with walking outside and running in the pool. Jerri



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