Monday, October 4, 2010

The new most coveted spot in our house

I've been meaning to make one of these cocoon swings since we moved in, and I finally took the time this weekend to get it put together and hung up in the garage. A few years ago, Addison got to sit in one when Brennan did an OT evaluation. She's been wanting one ever since.

This morning, Brennan found that it was a perfect place to read a book for school. The beauty of homeschooling!


  1. I'd love to know the details behind how you made this! How much room is needed to "swing"? How do safely secure it? And of course, what kind of fabric and how much?

  2. same questions
    which fabric? how do you secure? what's the estimated weight limit?


  3. I'll see how I do with the specifics, I really just kind of winged it.

    It is hung in the garage from two bicycle hooks that are screwed into the studs, making them about 16" apart. I have no idea what the weight limit is. It lfeels pretty secure with about 120 pounds in it. :)

    I've seen therapy companied that sell attachment kits that fit in a doorway. That would be a safer way to set it up, and it would have a known weight limit.

    I used some stretchy material from Wal-Mart. I honestly don't remember what it is, but I decided on the pretty gray color b/c it was on the clearance table. I used 4.5 yards (what was left on the bolt). I bought two heavy metal rings, threaded the fabric through them, and the sewed the ends together in a huge loop.

    When it is hung, there are two halves of fabric hanging down. We make sure the are nested together before someone sits in there. For Lauren, it's a good height, perhaps two or three feet off the floor. The fabric stretches quite a bit, and Addison sits just an inch or so off the floor and sometimes on the floor. I may need to shorten it a bit when the fabric keeps stretching out.

    For the swinging, it doesn't really swing back and forth very much. It's mostly just to sit cuddled up in the there and maybe bounce a little.

  4. Wow that's so neat! I wish I could figure out a way to put 4 of those in my house!!
    I tagged you in my meme post today :-)



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