Monday, September 27, 2010

Our budding photographer

Earlier this summer, my husband got a really cool camera card for our digital camera. It has a built in wifi connection thingy that allows new photos to be uploaded to my computer whenever the camera is within the range for our wireless network.

Sometimes during the day, I'll be sitting at the computer, and I see a window pop up to show new pictures being uploaded. Here's what our budding photographer took pictures of during rest time today:

I guess the Schleich animals really do make good models. They stood still for at least a dozen different shots this afternoon.

On other days, she's taken these pictures:


  1. I love what Anthony takes pictures of. We all choose to take pictures of what is most important to us, and the pictures our kids take are a window to their world. BTW Anthony now uses my camera too eventhough he has his own.

  2. So sweet....a picture is worth a thousand words....a thousand pictures are worth....? :)Jerri



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