Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Pictures -- just the "afters"

Tim had a four-day weekend off from work, and we took advantage of all that extra time by working extra hard.

Sometime Friday afternoon, we stopped to take an "after" picture of our progress on the garage. I wish we had started out that morning by taking a "before." Some of our weekend's accomplishments weren't really photo worthy. For instance, we spent more than an hour Saturday night trying to get a new wifi thingie to work on the TV so we could rent a movie. I also made a lot of progress organizing and picking up in the master bedroom. Since that's the room that we've neglected since we moved in, it needed quite a bit of work. It's much improved, but still not really photo-worthy.

Here are the some of the "after" pictures from the weekend:
It's a tight squeeze, especially with the kids' bikes, but they both fit!

No more mustard yellow in the kids' bathroom!

Even the kitchen is clean -- no more junk piled on the counter!

The biggest "after" was finished this afternoon. It really deserves its own blog entry so stayed tuned for lots more pictures tomorrow.

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  1. You have a beautiful home, Cristi and Tim! I love it! :) Jerri



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