Monday, August 9, 2010

In one week

Last Monday the movers delivered all of our household goods. I'm beginning to get discouraged that all of our things aren't yet put away, and I'm really getting sick of seeing boxes piled up everywhere. In the spirit of looking at my glass half-ful, I've compiled a list of our accomplishments over the past week.

We've found a new church home, and Addison has become an active member of their youth group already. I think she went to four different activities last week -- one lock-in, two swim parties, and one service Bible class outing.

There are 47 flattened boxes in our garage, and six in our kitchen. (I just emptied them, and I didn't take the time to drag them out to the garage yet.)

We took five boxes of give-away items to Goodwill last weekend. There are at least two or three more boxes ready to go the next time we head that way.

We also took four big boxes full of packing paper to the recycle center on base. I know there's a couple more around now.

Lauren's already checked in with her new cardiology team. She's also had a pediatrician appointment and a speech therapy evaluation. Physical and occupational therapy evaluations are scheduled for tomorrow.

When I got sick of eating out, I went grocery shopping at the Commissary and started cooking dinner again. We've had several of our favorite meals already.

All three of the kids' bedrooms are completely unpacked, mostly organized, and at least somewhat clean.

I ordered the rest of our curriculum for the upcoming school year so that we can get started sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Not too bad for a week's work.


  1. Those are some serious accomplishments for a week! Good job, mama! Don't get discouraged, you've conquered a lot more than unpacking boxes. This is nothin' ;).


  2. Good job on pulling life back together after a move! We moved last year in September, so we had the homeschool mess going on, too.

    Get on your local Freecycle group and offer those packing boxes! Lots of people want boxes, and you'll probably have them picked up and gone in a couple days.



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