Monday, August 23, 2010

Here we go...

Ready or not, here we go...

This morning, Tim took command of the Communications Squadron here at Little Rock AFB. I'm not sure either one of us can predict what the next few years will be like, but everyone we've talked to has told us that being a squadron commander (or a squadron commander's wife) will be the highlight of his career -- perhaps the most difficult job he's done, but also the most rewarding and the most fun.

Meanwhile, I'm declaring tomorrow our official "First Day of School." We've been doing some bits and pieces of schoolwork for the past week or so, but we've still been in transition mode. As of tomorrow morning, we're moving on to our new "normal". Lauren also starts her first day of therapies at her new location.

I'm still not sure how we're going to juggle everything this year, but I'm looking forward to figuring it all out.

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