Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My future marathoners

On your mark....

When Addison was four, I saw an ad in the base paper for a Kids' Run, and she ran her first race that weekend. Wasn't she a cutie?

A year later, we had just moved to the DC area and saw an advertisement for the one at Bolling AFB. Both Addison and Brennan got to run in that one. Since then, they've run in the Kids' Run a few more time, and they ran last fall in the Healthy Kids' Run in conjunction with the Marine Corps Marathon.

This year, both Addison and Brennan trained for the Kids' Run. Tim's been running in the afternoons and both of them have been going along. I think their longest run was about four miles, and they both expected to do well for the 2 mile Fun Run.

Brennan finished in 16 minutes, 36 seconds:

Addison finished less than a minute later, at 17 minutes, 26 seconds:

When we registered the big kids before their race, they offered a race t-shirt to Lauren even though she was too young to officially run (even in the half-mile division). After the last runners finished in the two-mile division, I talked Lauren into running around the track. I didn't time her, but she ran more than she walked:

I have a feeling there will be more races in the future for all three of these cuties.


  1. What a blessing that Lauren will soon be racing with the family. We are planning to do our first race with the older boys in the fall. 1/2 mile (they will be 5 and almost 4). I can't wait.



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