Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

January 2009:

Just a few days before Lauren was admitted to CHoP last year, we went tubing as a family. Lauren was bundled up so snugly in her snowsuit that she could hardly move. We plopped her into a child-sized inner tube, and she managed a few trips down the "bunny slope" before we retreated back inside to warm up.

This year, we had a sinking feeling that Lauren wouldn't be content on the bunny slope. Thankfully, she was allowed to join the rest of us on the real tubing runs. I was still a bit afraid that she'd either change her mind when we got to the top or that she'd have decide that one try was enough. I was wrong. We all had a blast and didn't even have to venture inside to warm up until after our two hour time slot was finished.

Posing at the top of the hill, after nearly 2 hours worth of tubing

Addison and Lauren going down together -- I love the way Lauren is waving back up at me.

I couldn't always see Lauren's face on the way down the hill, she always looked up with a huge smile when someone helped her out of the tube at the bottom.

I think our best run of the day was when all five of us linked our tubes together and went down together:

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  1. What a special family! One year has totally put life into perspective! Lauren is a miracle and is living proof! What a fun adventure as a family of five :)



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