Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring means...

extra Physical Therapy and the first muddy shoes of the year!

The trail through the woods near our house didn't fare too well with more than three feet of snow this year. It wasn't too muddy when we started off from our house, but the last little short-cut to the playground was a mess. Two large trees had fallen down, effectively blocking what used to be a clear path. The clear path is now more of a shallow creek anyway. Lauren and I blazed a trail, climbing over fallen branches and trying not to get stuck in the prickly bushes. When we were finally close enough to the playground to see the slides and swing set, we realized that the dry creek bed wasn't as dry as it was last summer. All of the melting snow has created a roaring stream at least an inch and a half deep. Thankfully, someone had arranged cinder block step stones and we didn't have to wade through it. I think Miss Jill (Lauren's new PT) would be happy to know that she's getting a workout at home this week.

This morning's Spring surprise was just a few feet from our front door. There are all sorts of sprouts popping up, and since it is our first spring in this house we have no idea what we'll find next.

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