Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

I think all of us were eagerly awaiting a day that we could spend together as a family. Once again, I'll post pictures instead of describing the play-by-play action. Fortunately, since we had three digital cameras with us today, we have a few photos -- a little over 200 by my count. Don't worry; I'll only post about half of them. :)

The big kids brought posters to decorate Lauren's room. Even tonight she was pointing up at them and telling me that Brennan drew Boots and Addison drew Dora.

We all gathered around in Lauren's room and opened presents this morning. She was so excited. Every once in a while, she seemed a bit confused about what we were saying. We finally realized that when we'd say that the present was from so-and-so, she thought they should open it. I think she was remembering back at Christmas when she had to take turns unwrapping gifts.

After lunch, Tim, the big kids, and I headed off to the Franklin Institute to see the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit. Sadly, I only have one picture to share from our afternoon:

I honestly thought that Tim was going to break down in tears when we got to the "No Photography" sign. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful exhibit -- lots of real stuff to see from the movies and enough hands-on stuff to make it fun. Addison and Brennan both thought one of the highlights was sitting on the White Witche's throne. It was actually ice-cold.

While we were away, Lauren kept Nana and Papa busy with tea parties, playdough, books, and all of her new toys. I'm not sure what was better for Lauren -- new things to play with or new people to play with.

We're not sure what happens once you've been knighted by the ladybug fairy:

Of course, no birthday celebration is quite complete without a cake and candles to blow out. Nana and Addison did a great job baking and decorating a cake for us to enjoy.

It was a wonderful day spent together -- lots of smiles, cuddles and fun!

And then, sadly, it was time for one more story from Daddy and one more giant hug from Brennan, and we had to part ways for a while longer.


  1. That so wonderful!! I'm so thankful you were able to be together today!!!

  2. What a sweet hug!!! :) So glad that she had a fun birthday celebration!

  3. What a wonderful day! I loved the pictures.



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