Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random 5 on Friday and the Ultimate Blog Party

For the next week, I'm happy to invite guests and new friends into my blog home as part of the 2013  Ultimate Blog Party. (If you'd like more details about UBP13, please click on the banner below.)

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I'm Cristi, and I'm going to combine my introduction post with five facts about me to make it a Random 5 on Friday post.

1. I started this blog a little over four years ago. It was originally a way to chronicle my youngest daughter's time in the hospital while she waited for a heart transplant. Her fourth "new strong heart birthday" is in July and she is doing great these days!

2. This year I'm homeschooling a 9th grade girl (Addison), a 6th grade boy (Brennan), and a 1st grade girl (Lauren). I spend much of our days reading aloud, checking Algebra homework, and researching new curriculum options.

3. I cook nearly all of our food from scratch. I avoid gluten and all dairy products. Lauren has eosinophilic esophagitis and is on an elimination diet. She cannot have any milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish, or nuts.

4. Tomorrow is Day 83 of my latest Bible in 90 Days challenge. Somehow our schedule got messed up a little, and we'll finish in less than 90 Days. I hope to be reading the final verses of Revelation when I'm sitting in the waiting room during Lauren's occupational therapy session tomorrow.

5. For the past three years, I've been reviewing homeschool products with the Schoolhouse Review Crew (part of The Old Schoolhouse). I love getting to try new materials and finding out more about what works for my kids. More importantly, I love the support and camaraderie I've found among my fellow crew members.

A special thank you for anyone stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party. I look forward to making lots of new friends this week.

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  1. Great job completing B90 (during OT!) before 90 days! It took me over half a year. Crew camaraderie is wonderful. I hope you enjoy the UPB.

  2. I did the Bible in 90 days also but it took me more like 120 days to complete because we moved. I just finished last week. I'm coming from the Random 5 on Friday link up. :)

  3. Thanks for linking up. I am really enjoying getting to know everyone better. :)

  4. I have definitely found the Schoolhouse Review Crew to be a real blessing!

  5. I am here from the Crew and UBP. I have also linked up with the five fact Friday! It's fun learning about new people!
    Lisa @chickensbunniesandhomeschool

  6. Oh, I hope you post some of your recipes. I'd love to see some of them. Look forward to following along on your blogging journey =)

  7. Hi, I'm here through UBP2013 :)

    I've tried the Bible in 90 days and failed miserably, I'm so bad with sticking to a plan, so I just read on my own LOL

    Cute blog you have here :)

  8. Not hear through the Ultimate Blog Party, though I am participating. I followed your link from the Random 5 on Friday. Always glad to meet fellow Review Crew members, seeing as I haven't gotten over to everyone's blog to follow yet. I am now following your blog.
    I also would love to know if you share recipes to what you cook. Sounds like she would be eating a vegan diet just about. Plus not being able to have wheat, wow!
    Hoping you can stop by Tots and Me. Have a great weekend.

  9. Congrats on doing so well with the Bible in 90 Days... that's awesome.

    You sound like a fantastic homeschooling mom!

    Thank you for joining the UBP.

  10. What a challenge that must be cooking with all of those restrictions! One of our sons is on a gluten free diet, one of our daughters has a nut allergy and a few of us don't eat red meat and I find those restrictions challenging enough! We are also a homeschooling nice to get to find new blogs through this "party"!

  11. New follower here!! Your blog is amazing! I LOVE that you cook from scratch and with no dairy! People think I'm strange or posing a health risk because we do not eat/drink dairy (except cheese. How inspiring! I found you on the UBP13 and I am new a blogger! Please follow me on mine at! Any suggestions, comments, etc. are always welcome!!! Have a blessed day!

  12. New follower. I'm also a homeschool mama. I admire you for doing all of your cooking from scratch and finishing the Bible in 90 Days. I've always wanted to try that, but I fear I lack the discipline.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  13. Hello, and I am so glad your daughters Heart is working My daughter was 16 and killed and I donated all of her organs and it makes it nice when I hear it does work. Have a nice week.

  14. Sending you a little love from the UBP hop! Have a super Sunday and feel free to swing by my blog for a visit and say hello.

  15. That's great that your daughter is doing so well now!

    We have been toying with the idea of maybe homeschooling our son so I love finding Mum's that home school :)


  16. It's so nice to meet you! I can't imagine trying to work around a special diet. That must have been tricky at first!

    Congrats on reading the Bible in 90 days! AMAZING! I've tried to read it in a year, but always fall off course and don't get through :-(

  17. That is great for your daughter!

    Nice to 'meet' you!

    Stopping by to say hi from the Ultimate Blog Party!

  18. Hi, I found you through UBP13. I'm kind of a newb to blogging, but I'm loving it so far. I'm an educator, former foster parent (for kids with emotional, physical, and mental disabilities) and adoptive dad of two kiddos with special needs. It's been great reaching out, talking to, and hopefully helping other families! My whole blog is all about learning to learn and helping families succeed using brain-based practices. Come check it out. I think you will like it!

  19. Just stopping by from the UBP13. We hope you stop by our party for a slice of warm banana bread and cold milk.
    Hugs, Cathi



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