Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A glimpse...

A week or so ago, Tim stole my latest cute Lauren story and posted about it on his blog.

I was blessed this afternoon to witness another incredibly hysterical glimpse into Lauren's brain and to see how she's processing everything.

After not-naptime this afternoon, Lauren started playing with the dollhouse that's temporarily moved into her room. She told me I needed to talk to Sara (one of the transplant nurse practitioners) and handed me the Daddy doll. OK -- I'm game for playing along.

C - "What do I need to talk to Sara about?"
L - "The cath lab."

Now I realize that someone's probably heard too many people making veiled references to an upcoming trip to the cath lab. No better time than the present to start working through it and preparing ourselves.

My discussion with Sara went on for quite a while. Soon Lauren was pulling more characters into the story. Apparently, dollhouse-sister needed to go to the cath lab. Dollhouse-mom finished talking to Sara (dollhouse-dad) and also talked to Dr. K (female cardiologist played by a My Little Pony), Patsy (another female nurse practitioner played by a small rag doll), and Dr. S (male cardiologist played by a blond Kelly doll). When Mommy pushed the bed down to the cath lab, we found Dr. H (another male cardiologist) who was being played by a frog. After the cath, dollhouse-sister moved to a "yellow room".

Along the way, we're talking about how the room will be on the other side of the building (CICU versus CCU) and about how dollhouse-sister's not scared and so on.

Later, our child life specialist Meredith comes in and gets to join the fun. About that time, Lauren decides that it's time for dollhouse-sister to have an operation and get a new, strong heart. Once again, Mommy gets to push the bed to the Operating Room, talk to the doctors, and so on. Thankfully, I'm joined this time by Daddy. (Unfortunately, the only character left to play the Daddy role was a wind-up seal.) Meanwhile, dollhouse-sister is lying on the bed in the Operating Room with Meredith (a small, blue plastic teddy bear) holding one hand and a dalmation puppy giving sleepy medicine through her PICC line. Lauren pretended to lift up sister's shirt, took out the sick heart, and put in a new, strong heart. Then Mommy got to push the bed back to the yellow room.

Thankfully, dollhouse-sister recovered quite nicely and went home. Daddy (the seal) drove the car (stroller) to the new house.

All told, we probably spent nearly an hour playing "cath lab." How wonderful it is to have such a vivid imagination and to be able to cope with all that she's had to learn lately!


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